Friday, January 13, 2012

Small miracles

I was working late the other night.  By the time I got home, Lydia was in bed but she was still awake.  I went in to talk to her before she fell asleep.  She told me all about her day - the yoghurt she ate, the dinner she ate and the fact that I was at work.  We then played one of her favourite games.  

Lydia:  I didn't eat apple
Me: I didn't eat orange
Some other random food and animals...
Lydia: I didn't eat pillow
Me: I didn't eat carpet
Lydia: I didn't eat tissue

At this point, she cracked up laughing.  That throaty, cackly, the funniest thing in the world kind of laugh.  It was beautiful!

We played a little longer.  At this point EVERYTHING was funny.  It was perfect and I looked at her and saw a little miracle.  Best feeling ever.

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  1. Hi I love the name she be fierce, it is so cute and so you. Lydia is a totally cute, cool and so smart little girl. And her mom is cool too. Thanks for sharing.