Sunday, May 20, 2012

Turning 33

I can't believe that there's not just one generation following me, there's two!  I've gotten to the stage where I have no idea how old I am.  Someone asks, 'How old are you?' and here's what goes on in my head, 'What year is it?  2011?  Oh, no it's 2012.  What year was I born?  1979?  So...1979...2012...21...add...12...' until finally I figure out how bloody old I really am.  I'm not really bothered about turning 33.  I don't really feel old or young although I'm sure I'm one or the other to some of you.

Life has been amazing lately.  Some of my best friends from school are getting married, celebrating anniversaries, or looking forward to the future.  My brother and sisters seem to be happy.  They're also getting married or looking forward to the future.  My parents continue to be the essence of who I remember them to be. 

The future holds so much for me, Gary and Lydia.  Our 3 year old girl loves life, whines, moans, cries and will give you attitude at every turn.  One minute she needs help for everything, the next minute she wants to do everything herself.  She can be incredibly loveable and full of laughter.  She can also be mean, say she doesn't want to talk to us or just tell us she wants to be on her own.  It's all quite humourous. 

We travel to Washington state at the end of next month for my mother-in-law's memorial.  We've all come to terms with what happened,and we're beginning to recall fond memories rather than the times when she was so sick.  Today, Lydia wanted peanut butter with her apple and she remembered it was the lady who was in the room with grandma (where she was getting physical rehab) that gave her some.  Who knows what she'll remember when she's older.

Anyway, just a short update on what's going on in my life.  My hope at 33 is to live long enough to watch my child grow up and have a life of her own.  I'd like to travel a bit more, spend more time with the people I love, do more of what I enjoy.  I'd like to be kinder to my husband and not nag so much (you know, maybe after a few more years he'll actually be trained!).  For the time being, I have a billion projects I'm working on at home.  I'd like to finish one of them!  I'll let you know what it is when I finish one :/