Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Love You Because You're You - Virtual Book Club

Lydia and I are excited to participate in a virtual book club this month.  We could choose any David McPhail book and then create an activity inspired by the book.  I think it's a great way to encourage the kiddo to think about the theme of a book and what it means to her.

We chose to read this book:

It's such a beautiful book about unconditional love.  The mother always loves the baby fox no matter how she acts or how she feels.  Lydia and I have always lived this truth; Lydia would be in trouble, yet she would say, 'And you still love me.'  Cheeky monkey.  Of course, it's true.

We read the book and Lydia was inspired to make a dress...that is, whatever the book was, I think she would have been inspired to make a dress!  Now I can sew up a storm but I've never made a dress!  Luckily, google is my friend and I followed instructions (roughly and as well as my patience would allow) from Lana Tran's blog.  Here's Lydia in the dress we made - and apparently this was the pose because 'this is what princesses do'.

On one of the pages, the baby fox gives his mother a paper cut-out of a heart, then on the last page there's a heart too.  

Lydia did a great job helping to cut the heart out (with a lot of help!) and we tried hand sewing but she couldn't quite get the hang of it so I whipped the sewing machine out and Lydia was in charge of stuffing.    

We can't wait for the next time we can participate in the virtual book club!

You've made it to the end of the post, so here's a completely unrelated photo of baby boy.  He's 2 months old and doing wonderfully.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Losing Sleep

There's nothing like losing sleep to look after your child - it's a special kind of love.  Just the other week I thought to myself, 'This is the best type of sleep deprivation'.  It's like a rite of passage for new parents.  It really doesn't last for very long. I don't mind losing sleep for the good of the cause (you know, making sure the baby's not starving), but there are disadvantages to being awake at 4am.  The one that tops the list for me: My husband's snoring.  I have such a visceral reaction to it that I've taken to complaining on twitter just so I don't smother him with a pillow.  He is the best husband and Dad, just not when I'm awake at 4am...and he's not.

If you're up at 4am EST, think of me.