Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 starting off well!

I have completed 2 craft projects for the year already!  Both of which I found on Pinterest.

Here are the magnets I made.  Full instructions can be found by clicking here.  I followed the instructions quite closely, although I must've been mad as I didn't use a punch and cut out 'almost circles' using my scissors instead!  Next time, I'm definitely getting a 3/4 inch punch.  I'm not sure how I don't already own one!

Along with a 3/4 inch punch, you will need:

Transparent stones - you can find these in the wedding section of any craft store

Magnets - there are cheap ones you can get at the craft store.  I bought some neodymium magnets online.  They are more expensive, but they're very slim and very strong.  I did experiment with magnet paper, but the magnet would barely hold itself up, never mind anything else!

Glue - everyone suggests you use E-6000 adhesive.  I thought, seriously, what's the dealio with this stuff?  AND I looked at 2 craft stores and it was sold out!  I finally found it at Walmart.  It really is good stuff.  It will peel off if you get it all over the stone, but it is also very strong when actually sticking 2 things together!

Pictures - you could cut them out by hand like I did!  You know, to torture yourself. Or you could be smart and buy a 3/4 inch punch.  All my magnets are made with..old Christmas and greeting cards!  Thanks to everyone who sent me a card.  You might be getting them back in a different form - HA!

I think that's it!  Cut the pics out, glue them on the back of the stone.  Smooth the pic out so there's enough glue all over and there aren't any air bubbles. Let it dry.  I painted the backs but if they were more uniform (if I had used a PUNCH!), maybe I wouldn't have needed to do that.  

Once everything's dry, I stuck the magnet on.


Go get your scissors!  Go get some felt!  Cut some circles, and cut some strips of fabric.  That's all you need!  I made these in just a few minutes. 

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