Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spinning Plates

The kids were sick the entire month of January, passing colds back and forth, culminating with a week of 'cold-cough-fever-vomit' for Lydia.  Luckily it was my last week before returning to work full-time in February.  At the very least, I was very efficient in a very inefficient 'do half a task here and there inbetween feeds and sick children' kind of way. Lydia also informed me that 'sick kids get to watch lots of cartoons and eat pancakes'...who knew? 

Of course, after the first week back at work, I was poorly myself.  I told myself to 加油   because it was evaluation time and I needed to get stuff done!!  Thankfully, my cough is finally getting better and I'm not having fits like I was.  It's been hard though as it's a training month which means 2 weekends away from the family.  One minute, Lydia is brimming with tears that I'll be gone.  The next, she's happy that it'll be just her, Rhys and Daddy.  It's hard to reconcile really.   

My house is a disaster zone.  Kudos to you parents who keep your houses spic and span.  You're welcome to criticise the cleanliness of my house; I'll be more than happy to hand you a vacuum and a load of laundry to show me how it's really done - no sarcasm intended. Truly, you're welcome to clean my house!  It's not that I don't notice the mess, I just efficiently wait for it to pile up then methodically work on one area at a time.  The fact that I seem to be cleaning up the same area whilst the others get increasingly worse hasn't escaped my notice, but it's the effort that counts, not the end result.  These days, losers are winners too, you know.  Or at least that's the parenting book I'm going by... when it suits me, of course.  Otherwise I'm going by Tiger Mama 101 - I'm Chinese, it's in my nature.  Whatever, call me a flip flop parenter.  This is what you get when you're trying to marry east and west philosophies.  I might have a dirty house but I do it really, really well.

Rhys is 3 months old already.  It's amazing how quickly time passes.  He grows so quickly.  A full-term baby makes such a difference.  He just...does things.  He grows, and gets sick, and gets better, and just is.  It's weird yet wonderful to not be a preemie parent.  It's also really great to have a second baby because we feel like we know what we're doing this time!

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  1. I hope all your little ones are feeling better now!

    My house is a mess usually. With paperwork usually, no matter how hard I try to fight it. It some how multiplies!