Friday, April 20, 2012

Bet you didn't know this about me

I've been tagged in a couple of blog memes so before I'm told I'm a complete blog snob, I figured I'd give a nod to some of my dearest friends and family and answer the questions.  I'm quite an open book so this first meme will be rather difficult.  Apparently I'm supposed to share seven things about myself.  I'm guessing they have to be interesting and not things you already know.  I'm fairly certain you already know my name and what I look like (um, hello, pictures all over the blog?).  You may not know about my penchant for spotting spelling mistakes on any document that whizzes in front of my face for a millisecond, but that's just old news to people who spend any time with me.  Anyway, I'm procrastinating.

1.  I know a little bit about every sport.  I love to watch sports in general.  I think it's because I have no sense of balance myself and no athletic ability at all, so I cheer on my favourite teams instead.  I've noticed that I can connect with all types of people with my rudimentary knowledge about sports.  Sometimes I know random facts about sports and wonder why that's taking up space in my head.  It's irritating yet awesome at the same time!

2.  I'm really nosey.  Call it curious, interested, inquisitive, whatever you want.  I am genuinely interested in many different things, but mostly in your life.  I love to learn how people are managing, coping, thriving, living... I like to know what makes people who they are. 

3.  I think my true calling is helping people to see themselves.  I find myself drawn to  helping people see their strengths and how to harness them.  I love to help people feel comfortable and happy with who they are.  Hate towards other people and towards ourselves takes too much energy away from living life.  

4.  I don't really drink alcohol.  I don't really like it or how I feel and act with it.  I get a lot of lip and pressure from people when I don't drink.  It irritates me that people think this is up for discussion and not my choice.  I have my reasons.  If you want to drink, drink.  Don't think you'll ever make me feel like I'm letting myself down by not drinking alcohol.  How ridiculous is that?

5.  I woke myself up last night laughing.  Seriously.  In my dream, there were people popping up - out of a hat or something - and it was making me laugh.  I snorted whilst laughing in my dream which actually woke me up.  I think I was probably snoring really loudly!  Anyway, I woke up and couldn't stop laughing.  It was really strange.

6.  The other night, I had a dream that I was on a plane that suddenly started plunging at a 90 degree angle into the sea.  At first I thought we were crashing, then I realised we were actually going underwater.  We ended up going to the bottom of the sea where there was this entire undersea world.  We got there and it was like that new show, Terra Nova.  You could go to this new land but you couldn't go back.  There was a girl on a cell phone and they told her she couldn't talk on it because there was no contact allowed with the 'other' world.  Yeah, I have no idea where this dream came from either.

7.  I have really vivid dreams.  Some of you have heard my Chili (our beagle) and roast chicken dream.  I'll tell you about it if you haven't!

Ummm I guess at this point I'm supposed to tag some peeps to participate.  How about I send this out to the blogosphere and just see who wants to respond?!


  1. You are too funny. You are right about your true calling. You didn't mention that you actually turn all shades of red when you have taken a drink. And you aren't nosy. You are just interested in people LOL I count on you to be my editor some day because you are so good at catching errors--spelling and grammatical. Love the new blog.

    1. Bahaha I forgot about my shades of red because I rarely drink anymore!

  2. I love #1 - I was laughing out loud- Mike was like "What?". I think you need to go back- #5,6,7 are all the same, lol!! More, More, More (as I chant). You should tell people about where you are from and your ethnicicity- that is someting very interesting about you that not all people may know!! You could tell about Lydia and your struggles the first few months! Isnt it strange how others find it easier at times to tell people about us, LOL! I hope I didn't make and spelling errors!!

    1. Well #5,6 and 7 were difficult haha. And that was what was on my brain. I had a nightmare about a grudge baby type of thing the other night. I will have to tell you one day. I guess I didn't write about my ethnicity or Lydia or whatever because I've written about it before. I'm sure it will come up again soon though!

  3. I agree, #5, 6 and 7 are all about the same thing, so you cheated here some;-P

  4. Love this! I never remember my dreams :(
    I love getting to know more about people to, not nosey ;)